Riding around a bit today, I found a store with a few old bottles. Can ya'll tell me something about what I have got here? My computer ability is even less than my bourbon knowledge, so no pictures. But I picked up:

Old Fitgerald 80 proof, no age statement, "Distilled, Aged, and Bottled by Old Fitzgerald Distillery, Inc., Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky." Has a tax stamp (strip over top, and state sticker). Marked "Special, $7.99." Apparently originally in the computer at $36 or so.

Old Charter 10 Year, 86 proof, tax stamp as above, also Louisville (simply "distilled by OC. . ."). Hope I like this one; it's a 1.75 ml, $25.99. I'd actually bought a current 10 year earlier to compare to the 12 yr Classic as there aren't a lot of comments on the 10 year around here and the 12 yr. sometimes seems too woody.

Old Weller Centennial, 100 proof, 10 yr., "distilled and bottled by W. L. Weller and Sons, Louisville Kentucky." No tax stamp, but I gather these three are all from the same place as the first 5 digits of the UPC are the same.

Anyway, that's all I found. Haven't really hit them yet, but any info would be welcome.