Inspired by Tim's tasting of straight ryes I thought I'd make a Sazerac. This is a New Orleans cocktail which has been made with different spirits in its history but is mainly associated with rye whiskey.

I decided to use Royal Reserve, the Corby's Canadian whisky I mentioned earlier. This has Lot 40 (straight Canadian rye) in it - what Corby's put in, and what I added on top.

I took a glass, rinsed it in absinthe (legal in Ontario - you can use pastis or any other licorice liqueur in the States). I threw out the absinthe (a light throw, leaving about a 1/4 oz. in the glass). I added a teaspoon of maple syrup for the (essential, I find) sugar component. You can use plain sugar syrup or possibly Southern Comfort or another sweet element.

I tossed in the Lot 40-spiked Royal Reserve.

Dash of Peychaud's bitters. Dash of Collins orange bitters. No ice, per the original recipe and practice in the posh hotels in New Orleans (where I've never been, but never mind).

Swirl (hard) in the big Jim Beam glass.





P.S. You can try this with any straight rye (or combination thereof) but the flavors will be commensurately more intense.