Back in the '90s, when there was the first big Evan Williams 7 year old push in California of which I know, I could have sworn its hook was the...similarities... in bottle, black label, and lettering styles to a certain Tennessee whiskey. But the kicker, according to my often faulty memory, was that the marketing shouted to the rafters that it was charcoal filtered, mellowed, or whatever.

Years go by, and I don't see any mention of charcoal filtering, and Evan Williams Black Label has become the value leader in its class. I conclude I must have just been mistaken. Especially since I seem to remember reading on this forum that it is precisely the extra ingredients (ie essence of charcoal) added in the Lincoln County Process that disqualifies the 2 Tennessee whiskies from being labeled as bourbon.

But I just saw a photo of an EW 12 year (meant for the Japanese market, I believe) that conspicuously proclaims "Every ounce charcoal filtered" and "Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey."

Can anyone shed light on what is/was the relationship of EW and The Charcoal Filter?