I enjoy the Single Barrel and noticed that the Black Label was on sale lately. How does the quality compare?
Evan Williams Black Label happens to be a regular pour around here -- it's really the only one that I drink ice. I've had enough of it at this point where I might feel qualified to write some "tasting notes," but I'll save that for a later date.*

The last bottle of EWSB I had was a '95. I don't think you can really compare it to EW Black Label, but I will say that you can taste "hints" of each other (mint, metal, more dry than sweet, more rye than wheat) when tasted side-by-side. The EWSB is obviously the more refined product, but a half-gallon of Black Label is much easier on the wallet!

* I've been meaning to do a comparison between the last of my EWBL 7 year old, and the EWBL NAS (no age statement) which is now just hitting the shelves in SoCal. I've had just the tiniest sip (straight, in a wine glass) of the NAS at a friends house, but can't make a call on it. First impression was that it's the about the same...