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    Re: Evan Williams Black Label

    It may just be the case that they took the age statement off a number of bottlings(they have) as a way to prepare for whatever eventually comes to be as stock levels come back on again.

    Not being able to gaze into a crystal ball and see what orders are coming in(I believe they bottle to order, i.e. orders come in, and they bottle when they have enough to cover a batch, but Bettye Jo would know for sure) as they deal with this for the next couple years, means that if one label were to start selling better than expected, they just might have to put in some younger whiskey than they normally would. Label applications take time and going ahead and changing them ensures that they won't have to wait for that to be approved so they can ship.

    I, too had not considered what would happen to EWSB. It will be a nice way to see exactly how close they are coming to the flavor profile they tend towards for this bottling. Assuming they are still able to produce it during the switch over, from Bardstown made to contract distilled to their new (to them, though it was still pretty new when they bought it) distillery.

    The stories say that Bernheim was pretty much computer controlled when they bought it and they went though and put many of those operations back into the hands of (wo)men, will be nice to find out how much of a change came from the same still with different owners.

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    Re: Evan Williams Black Label

    Well then maybe Max can explain why the age statement was taken off the bottle.
    Be sure and let us know what he tells you.

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    Fate of Evan Williams Single Barrel and 1783

    It's no secret that Heaven Hill is going to have a crunch of certain-aged whiskeys at certain periods of time following the November 1996 fire. For example, I wonder what will become of the Evan Williams Single Barrel after the 1996 issue. There is no 1997 or 1998 Heaven Hill distillate except what was made under contract from then-UDV Bernheim (HH didn't purchase it until 1999).
    This also makes me wonder about Evan Williams 1783, which I'd always assumed was a byproduct of Evan Williams Single Barrel manufacture...



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