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    Other unaged corn whiskies besides Georgia Moon?

    I would hate for my entire impression of unaged corn whiskey to be the wretched stuff they put in those mason jars....

    Anyone know of any other unaged corn whiskies currently in production?

    I've heard of a product called Virginia Lightning, but that's about it.

    Are there any corn whiskies out there that are actually any good.

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    Re: Other unaged corn whiskies besides Georgia Moon?

    Have you tried Mellow Corn 100 proof BIB? I bought my first bottle the other day and liked it though I have only had a couple of pours so far, not enough to make up my mind. Try it and see if you like it.

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    Re: Other unaged corn whiskies besides Georgia Moon?

    I really enjoy the Mellow Corn, especially in a whiskey sour. I haven't had any luck convincing Heaven Hill to bring it to NY, though. Platt Valley is another one I've heard of but not tried. Payton Fireman is making a legal "Mountain Moonshine" in West Virginia. Working on getting that to NYC, but I haven't tried it, yet.



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