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    Where were you.....

    I was just reading mbanu's post under "Why does bourbon appeal to you" thread and it made me think about where I was in my life and what I was doing when my favorite bourbon was introduced to the barrel. Thought this might be a nice introspective for each of us to look back and share. I'd be interested to hear your story as well.

    Pappy 20

    20 years ago (1985) I was working for my Dad in our family farm implement dealership making about $5.25 an hour as a mechanic. I lived in a small roach infested apartment in downtown Fredericktown Missouri that was above the local newspaper office and overlooked the downtown business district. I drove a black 1978 Ford LTD II that really liked that $.85/gal super premium gasoline. This was about the time I first started trying to put together a decent bar for entertaining guests and had a bottle of just about every kind of liquor known to small town rural Missouri. Wild Turkey was the bourbon I drank when I wanted to raise hell but really drank mostly Budweiser or if I splurged Michelob. I wore my hair parted in the middle and feathered to the sides as I had for the past five years. My work clothes were furnished uniforms so I only had to wear my jeans and t-shirts on the weekends. I couldn't wait for the new cassette from April Wine or the Police to hit the Walmart shelf. I may have even had one of my yearly dates with Dizzy Debby Matthews that year, who can remember for sure? I ate breakfast at Pogues Cafe, lunch at Wayne's Sandwich Shoppe and dinner at The Pig (a local pit barbecue institution) almost every day. During the spring through fall, I'd get off work and drive straight to my favorite fishing hole and fish til dark. Usually only caught a couple of bass but they were pretty good size. At night "the gang" sat on the tailgates of trucks on Wendy Henson's Real Estate parking lot drinking 40 ounce Buds (in brown paper bags) and spitting SKOAL on the sidewalks while watching the cars drive by. Friday night was poker night at Hansman's Mortuary where we'd play until 2 or 3 in the morning back in the enbalming room and then sleep half the day away. Saturday night was practice or play night for the band I played drums for. More practice than play. Then back to Henson's lot when that broke up.

    Well, now the Pappy's in the bottle, I'm living in the big city, got no hair to speak of, make a lot more money than I think I'm worth, own my home, and pretty much stay around there when I'm not at work. I drive a new car, mow my own yard and still use the same old worn out fishing poles the two or three times a year I actually go. Gas is upwards of $2 and I rarely eat out. I spend my extra time on the computer or watching the 100 or so channels on cable and my bar is the size of my old apartment.

    Would I give it all up to go back those 20 years? Everything but this bottle of Pappy 20....
    And this bottle of Stagg....
    And this bottle of EC 18......

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    Re: Where were you.....

    Well Dane,
    Although we lived thousands of miles apart, the story is just about the same. In 1985 I was just about half way through my 34 year career in a steel mill (retired from that place). I was 42 years old and probably just switched from Grandad & Water over to Evan Williams Black over ice. Things were pretty good then. I also had a couple buddies I'd get together with for poker. Started to get into wines about that time and began travelling. Always loved to fish, so we began travelling to fish. Been just about everywhere.
    Well, back on '85. I'd like to go back, knowing what I know now, but wouldn't give up any of my bourbons to do it. The closest I get to the Pappy 20 is a VWSR 15, which ain't too bad. Cheers!



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