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    Eagle Rare 101 is going away

    Ken, I usually really enjoy your posts, but I don't like this one at all! I love the Eagle Rare 101. I even preferring it to the ER 10 yr Single Barrel. I don't remember if I have done a head to head with them or not, but that was the impression I had. I know I like higher proof bourbon in general so it might be that I just like the extra 11 proof.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I will be stocking up the ER 101.


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    Got them!

    Okay, I got the two on my wish list plus one more, today!

    I was on vacation with my family in, of all places, Kentucky. We were in the "cave region" of dry counties in south central KY. This was only an hour or so south of Louisville, but my wife wouldn't give me the time to make the run.

    So, on the way home, today, I stopped at a store just off the interstate in Bowling Green. The prices weren't too good, but the selection was awesome. I made it out with my Rock Hill Farms and Elmer T. Lee. I was going to buy three bottles and it took me a while to decide on the third. They had Stagg for $70, but I thought that was way too much. I finally decided on the 10-year old Henry McKenna single-barrel.

    I think I will open the Elmer T. Lee first (tonight). And I think I will open the RHF on the 20th (my birthday). The McKenna will probably be opened, soon.





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