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    More stuff that doesn\'t belong here


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    John queried:
    &quot;So... how about that Jim Murray? Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting the gentleman? Linda &amp; I have met authors Mark Waymack, Sam Cecil, Sally Campbell, and Gary &amp; Mardee Regan, all at Kentucky Bourbon Festivals; through this forum we've chatted with Chuck Cowdery. Jim, along with John Hansell, is someone I'd really like to spend some time with. So, does anybody here know him?"

    Hi John,

    I don't "know" him but I did have the pleasure of meeting him at WhiskyFest last year. We debated the merits of Glenmorangie's Ardbeg 17yo release with which he was intimately involved (much to the chagrin of the Buffalo Trace folks at the booth). I found him to be totally unpretentitous and very personable. He conceded that I had some valid points and welcomed the opportunity to defend his position. At no time did I feel he was "talking down" to me and we finally agreed to disagree in a very amicable manner. It was a pleasure to have some time to chat with him one-on-one. I've included a pic of the two of us shaking hands post-debate.

    FWIW, I have also chatted with Michael Jackson and can't echo my above comments.


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    Re: More stuff that doesn\'t belong here

    I have spent many hours with Jim Murray and he is a very good guy. I like his book and he writes very good tasting notes even if he is a little light on his understanding of American History. They don't come any better than Jim.



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