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    Re: BOTM, 7/05: Old Forester

    Because of the BOTM declaration I finally opened a 1.75 L. bottle of Old Forester that I bought last September at Spec's in Houston. (That was when I drove there to adopt Seth, now "Brewski", from the shelter where I'd left him four months and a change of residence earlier. Brew looks like one of those awful pit bulls you hear so much about. In reality he likes both people and other dogs -- see attached. Besides his other fine qualities, I wouldn't have this bottle of OF 100 if not for him. But I digress.)

    When I opened the new bottle of OF 100, I couldn't believe my nose. It smelled nothing like what I remembered. My smeller worked better back when I was breathing rich, high-humidity, Long Beach air, but that could hardly account for the discrepancy.

    Just to try to recover my old memories of OF 100 I did a search on ' +"old forester" +morefield '. That produced an astonishing 40+ posts in which I had at least mentioned Old Forester in some form. Note to Joe_Blowe: Some of those posts address the comparison to Woodford Reserve, as do other posts in the parent threads. The variety of often contradictory statements I have made about this bourbon give me pause in regard to further documenting my confusion. However, some common themes emerge.

    Someone mentioned hospital alcohol. That's pretty close to my earlier reference to Mr. Clean, which in turn was a response to someone who likened the aroma to drain cleaner. However, just as some cleaning products contain cover-up fragrances or citrus oil, OF 100 gives me a combination of sweet and sour, sufficiently balanced to be pleasant. Today I liken the nose to the smell of cinnamon rolls with lots of cinnamon and gooey, white, vanilla icing.

    Earlier Chuck mentioned a sooty element in the finish, which I did not get. Now I do.

    While drinking (and trying to parse flavor elements) OF 100 several times over the past two weeks, I've found that it has grown on me. At first I found it slightly harsh and not very appealing. I found myself regretting that I'd bought the big bottle and wondering whether I would ever drink it all. That initial impression has gradually changed.

    Last night I did an A-B tasting with WT 101. To my surprise the WT seemed lacking in nose and flavor. Have I deadened my taster by repeatedly flooding it with OF100? I think I'll set it aside for now and revisit it later in the month.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield
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