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    Alberta Springs

    I haven't been in my local liquor store in a while (due to their usually higher than normal pricing) but I thought I'd just pop in to see if they still had that bottle of Single Barrel Benchmark Bourbon. Unfortunately that was gone , but I did find a tax-stamped 1984 bottle of Alberta Springs Canadian Sipping Whisky ($19.70 plus sales tax) . Anyone have info on this? Most discussion of Alberta Springs refers to their current bottling of 10 y.o. rye with a white label. This bottle has no age statement, is 90 proof (45% abv)and looks designed to impersonate JD. In addition to the year, the tax-stamp has this number: A44063234 Any info? Gary?

    I also saw 3 bottles hiding behind Alberta. They are Bush Pilot Private Reserve ($31.40?). This was at the time the only single-cask canadian whisky, aged 13 years. I couldn't reach the bottles, they were up too high. I'm hoping no one notices them so I can get one Friday (payday). This stuff disappeared after lawsuits were started (or threatened) by a certain beer company with similar sounding name.

    Another interesting bottle was 8-year old Littlemill Scotch. The review made it sound like not my type of thing, but I thought I'd mention it since I believe Tim (TN) is a fan.

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