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    Re: August is Drawing Near - BOTM Nominations?

    Well, Rittenhouse is nowhere to be found in my market. As far as EWSB Vintage 1995, you would NOT be twisting my arm, as it's one of my faves. I also like the suggestion of the Old Rip Van Winkle 107, but I've not seen it. But is is on my list, most definately. I just bought a bottle of Buffalo Trace, and at $17.00, quite the bargain. As far as Jefferson Reserve, I want to try it, but $50.00, I hope it's outstanding.

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    Re: August is Drawing Near - BOTM Nominations?

    I second that nomination George, fresh off the thrill of finding an Antique 107 in the black bag with the gold squiggled bottle last night! In fact, that would add a dimension to the BOM. Anyone with one of these could post notes as to whether or not they detect any difference between the plain bottle and the gold highlighted bottle. I understand from another post that the bottle with the gold on it is SW bourbon! Tom V

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    Re: August is Drawing Near - BOTM Nominations?

    All great suggestions everyone. It was close, but the August BOTM was decided late last night by a Blue-Ribbon panel of experts (Me, Ed and Cliff)



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