Hi folks,

New to the board, and relatively new to bourbon, although when I go over the number of bottles I've polished off in the last year, I'm surprised at my level of, um, experience.

Anyhow, the last bottle I bought was WTRB. I had had a bottle of 101, which I thought was ok, if a bit thin, and thought I'd splurge on a better bottle from this maker.

I was very disappointed with the result. I found it to be very harsh--just seemed to evaporate into unpleasant nasal cavity fumes as soon as I took it in--and have some kind of nasty notes to it. Sort of salty.

I do understand that hot bourbons are not, in general, my preference, though 108.2 P (it's a WT-03RB) is not over the top, by any means. And I do know that my preferences thus far (I've liked Elijah Craig 12 and Baker's quite a bit. Also really enjoy the EW single barrel I've got going now) are for more viscous, deeper, sweeter stuff. But I assumed that the RB would be similar, since Turkey's got a reputation for the sweet.

Am I just not up to RB yet? Did I make too many assumptions when I opened the bottle? I feel as though I gave it a pretty fair shake--it's just about empty--but I can't see how many folks think of this as top shelf.