Matt, I’m with you….“NEAT” all the way !

Wow, I must really be in the minority. I never cut my bourbon. I drink everything neat
You won’t be a minority at my place, myself and several others around here are on the same page .

At last, this is not a contest of who is right and who is wrong. Whiskey should be enjoyed how you like it, not how someone else judges it should be consumed. Far be it from me to criticize adding water or ice in any amount. I’m not saying neat is better, it’s just the way I prefer it, fair enough!

Now having mentioned that, I’d be the first one to look at adding water when sitting down for the first time to asses a new bottle. I think that adding water is one of the methods in getting to “know” your drink more thoroughly. Water can reveal hidden items, usually offering a different “view” of the drink. I have noticed on many occasions that the changes made by adding water made were remarkably positive. In a fewer instances, the revelations were negative. All told, I’ve never noticed one that has changed to the better so greatly that I’d remember to add water to it when I opened it up again.

Adding ice is seldom a consideration simply because of the anesthetizing effects on my palate. I don‘t want to cover anything up when drinking the good stuff!

(Although, I’d seriously consider pouring the newer version of Old Forester 100 proof over copious amounts of ice……wait, no I wouldn‘t……I don‘t have any of that!….and I don‘t intend to buy any either)

(Poor, poor Roger, what’s he goin’ to do with a nearly full, 1.75 liter, bottle of that stuff?) (I’m at a loss as to any positive suggestion, what would you tell Roger?)