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    Re: The term \"Presidentīs reserve\"

    Aaah! The Labrot & Graham one. How could I forget about that one? It is mentioned on page 169 in Jim Murrayīs bourbon book.

    Actually, a couple of years ago I chanced upon a bottle on a russian website selling whiskey. Somewhat out of prejudice I refrained from contacting them. The idea of giving my card details to someone in Russia didnīt appeal to me. Since then, of course, I havenīt seen the least trace of it so maybe I shouldīve taken the gamble?

    As for Harper P.R.: there is actually an American eagle depicted on the box which, together with the fact that it is an export bottling, sends out strong White House vibes to me.

    I have actually improved lots as a digital-camera user (honest!) but I mostly take pictures of people, buildings and landscapes so please excuse the poor quality.
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    Re: The term \"Presidentīs reserve\"

    Mr. Jackson's thoughts are right on. Hancock's President's Reserve means nothing! It was simply a brand name we inherited that some marketing person came up with. Weller Special Reserve is actually the youngest expression in the Weller line; what is so special about that!

    When introducing a new brand, our goal is to communicate what we think is a special whiskey, otherwise, why just dilute the quality standards we have spent the last several years trying to cultivate? If we introduce a new brand called "Master Distiller's Personal Choice", I assure you it will be because it is in fact the personal whiskey of choice of Harlen Wheatley, our new master distiller.




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