I'm interested to see if people feel there will be better and better offerings.... or, whether the best bourbons and ryes have been 'hanging about' in warehouses for some time (Mitchner, some(?) of the Van Winkle ryes...) and when they are gone things will go downhill?

It's not just product, of course, but people. Booker Noe passed away last year, Jimmy Russell is passing the reigns as we speak, etc. Are there new young 'Turks' taking the industry to new heights or, once these giants are gone, they are just irreplaceable?? (it's tough to phrase that without offending just everyone but please take it in the spirit intended ;-)

What I'm interested in here are people's perceptions on the Bourbon industry over the next 10-20 years. What can we expect???

My perception (as someone who knows NOTHING about the industry) is we are seeing some wonderful new offerings. I hope that trend continues (or accelerates?).