I am starting this new post rather than to add to the chaos that is being discussed in the Jim Murray posting. This really is the best of times for getting information about bourbon and its heritage. In the last ten years there has been more books written on the subject than there was in the previous 50 years. I think that we should be grateful for the efforts of all of these writers whether we like their tasting notes or not. They have all made very good efforts to find the truth and not take their information only from the marketing guys. They also have tried to be fair about what they put into writing and to give everybody fair treatment. There has been no outright mud slinging or muck raking. This is good because the industry gets enough of this type of publicity from the news media and the neo-prohibitionist.

Not only has there been books but there are also several very good magazines and newsletters (take a bow Chuck) being published that deserve some credit. All of this put together means it really is the best of times for bourbon fans.

Now with that said, I do not want you to think that I don't find problems with the books and magazines out there now. That is where this forum (take a bow Jim) plays an important role. Discussion of these books and magazines will be good for everybody as the mistakes are pointed out and future writers can learn from these mistakes.

Now for my question: How much impact do you think these books and magazines really have on what you drink?

Mike Veach