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    Re: The Best of Times

    I have discussed this with Elmer and it is interesting to hear what he says. As Master Distillers go, these gentlemen are very complimentary of each other. While everyone has some "dogs that didn't hunt", they dwell more on each others' successes. I am afraid that in the spirit of keeping peace in the family, Master Distillers have apparently taken an oath not to deride other peoples' work. I have tried to get Elmer to open up and really let loose, unfortunately, traditional methods have proven unsuccessful. If I just nose all of the glasses that he samples, I would be probably not remember what he said anyhow.
    The bottom line is that you will get a very biased report that compliments just about everything.


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    Re: The Best of Times

    Ken, enjoy it! I've been in industries where people hated everyone at the competition and could barely recognize that they were people, too. It is nice to know Kentucky folks and Master Distillers are nice to the core. After all, no one intends to put up bad product.

    Your firm has a lot to be proud of! Elmer T. Lee and Gary are two people in particular to be proud of.

    By the way, what is "Kentucky Dale Whisky" which is listed under the Scotch/Whisky section of the Sazerac website? thanks, Greg

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    Re: The Best of Times

    Even though this is an old thread, I decided to share my opionion because it seems to diverge from the posts listed. My consumption of whiskey is significantly affected by what I read in publications including "news," tasting notes, and yes ratings.

    Here are the reasons:

    News of course is one of the way I find out something is available or that there is something interesting about who produces it how that gets my interest.

    Tasting notes and ratings are important to me because I have very broad taste in whiskey (even spirits in general). It is certainly not because I can't decide what I like. Rather, I can't possible taste all the Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, Canadian and even Japanese whisk(e)y that I might be interested in. I use tasting notes and ratings to help get me going in the right direction. This is more true with authors whose taste seems to parallel my own.

    All this being said, Forums like this also have at least as much influence in my purchases of whiskey I haven't tried . They have also on occasion, helped me to gain an even better appreciation of something I didn't especially care for from previous experience.

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    Re: The Best of Times

    Right you are; we have the most interesting tasting notes right here on StraightBourbon.com.

    I'd bet a case of Blanton's (bought a bottle yesterday, plus Virginia Gentleman; wasn't in the mood to try either one last night) that no industry taster _ever_ used the word "pants" in a review.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

    Retiree, Musician, Dog-Lover, Whiskey-Drinker

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    Re: The Best of Times

    Alright here's what I think (uhm I might note that I JUST posted a Tasting, so I may be just a little biased):

    I fancy myself a bit of a writer and when I was shopping around for a college to go to (before i met my wife) I had a long conversation with an English Professor at the University of Maine @ Orono. The gist of it was, as a writer one of the most important things you have to understand (in order not to go batty) is that what matters to the reader the most is not as much what you put into it or even what you get out of it, but WHAT THE READER GETS OUT OF IT and secondly, what the reader gets out of it most often reflects more about the reader than the author of the peice. People come into every thing they do with a complex set of past experiences that filter through whatever they experience. I have seen this happen in real live. I have published poems that people feel are hugely profund and when they explain why to me, I am internally thinking "WTF, thats not at all what I meant!". I figure that whiskey tasting is the same way. Reading the Distillers tasting notes would be kinda like reading a biography about an author, or their collected letters. Interesting in a way to gain insight into their frame of mind but no more or less useful than joe's of the street to gaining insight inot what it really taste's like in my mind. now that said, i love reading & especially writing tastings. reading them helps gain an insight into people as much as the whiskey (though if you like a lot of the same whiskey's as someone, it might be prudent to try others they like), Linn's are a good example of what I mean. his personality really shines through.
    I like writing them because it makes me think about what I am drinking, if I like it or not & why, it makes me more observative and thats a good thing.

    SO I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD POST TASTINGS HERE, for the good of bourbonia!!!!! !

    damn i really went off

    so what do you all think??

    TOM C



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