I like the Old Fitz BIB, Tina is lukewarm on it. I've never had the S-W version. Even though inexpensive, in our house, it has premium status since it's unavailable in VA. It seems like a totally different whiskey than the 80, which has a blandness that is not IMHO explained by proof alone.

In honor of the BOTM, I poured one this evening. The nose is dynamic - slightly floral, changing to an odor I could only describe as "sweet," even though that's not really a specific scent, then to strong vanilla after a couple of minutes. The mouth is full but not exactly heavy, honey on the end of the tongue, then in the back a flavor that I would describe as "peppery." Although very different bourbons, the pepper flavor reminds me just a bit of the old 8 year version of Fighting Cock. The finish is spicy, slightly warm, medium in duration.

This does not taste like the Weller varieties I've had. I can't really say how it compares to the older version...until I cross paths with Tim and he's in a sharing mood!

Good choice for BOTM, Jeff!