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    Re: BOTM, 8/05: Old Fitzgerald BIB

    Always have I been a big proponent of the Old Fitz BIB and when I did a tasting recently of a selection of Bernheim-made wheaters, I put it near the top against several older and more costly expressions. It has a nice balance of sweetness and char, with an edge some of the older expressions lack. Since a current bottle probably represents Parker and Craig Beam's efforts at Bernheim, that bodes well for the future of wheated bourbons made there. This would be one of my desert island picks, something I could drink every day if necessary. Also a great value.

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    Re: BOTM, 8/05: Old Fitzgerald BIB

    I finally got to the liquor store over the weekend and picked up a bottle of Old Fitz BIB, and I cracked it open tonight. For perspective, I side-by-sided it with Maker's Mark and Weller 12yo, and it held up pretty well in that older, more expensive company. It's a little higher proof, but I don't think that explains all the spicy, lively character. I thought it had the most interesting nose initially, but after the glasses had had a while to breathe the Weller developed an almost candy-like nose that was quite alluring.

    I think the Old Fitz BIB is going to join the bottle of Old Grand-Dad BIB that I keep upstairs for casual use. (It's not quite a "bunker", but most of the collection resides on shelves in the basement.) It's a pretty tasty pour, and a hell of a bargain.

    I'm hoping that before August is through I can get a couple of my bourbon-drinking pals over and have a blind tasting, and get some decent tasting notes.

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    Re: BOTM, 8/05: Old Fitzgerald BIB

    Personally, I like this bourbon a lot. There is a lot of smoke and vanilla on the nose that translates to caramel on the palate. There is also a yeastiness to the bouquet, kind of a biscuit quality, that I find appealing. Notes of cinnamon and leather round out the finish, which is medium in length. Overall a quality pour for the price. I wish more of you had access to this one.



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