Jeff nailed it when he said you love EC 12 or hate it. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone could fail to love EC 12. Not that I think anyone "should' like EC 12 just because I think it's great, it just always surprises me when I hear someone say it doesn't float their boat. It is at the top of the heap for me along with a mere handful of others. The only bourbons that come close to it, IMHO, are all much more expensive, at least here in Japan. The Evan Williams line, what I have tried of it, the 7 the 12 plus a couple of different Single Barrels, always disappoint me, not because they are at all bad, but because they don't taste enough like their sibling EC 12. (Of course, they are all Heaven Hill, but does anyone else note a family resemblance?)

This is, by a wide margin, the bourbon I drink the most, which surprises me as I tend to regard it as too precious to drink since I will have to buy another bottle as soon as the open one is empty and there are rank upon rank of bourbons and other whiskies that I feel deserve my attention as well.

Heaven Hill!