You can try it again if you want to, you certainly don't have to. EC12 wasn't an acquired taste for me, more like love at first sight. ED
Hi Ed, well, yes, I HAD to.... Just can't live in ignorance my whole life

Anyway, I went down to the corner store yesterday and brought home a bottle of EC 12. Last night, popped the cork and poured a few onces.... Great color! Deep mahogany. Just beautiful in the glass.

Took an initial sniff. Stronger alchohol than I expected but definate sweet undertones. Gave it a second to breath... wonderful bouquet came through with floral and spice notes... Just sat enjoying the aroma for a few minutes (that always seems to happen when I pour Booker's as well..... hmmmmm...)

First taste was full of wonderful fire (also surprizing... that immediately surfaced raisens, currants a hint of vanilla. Very full flavors that just linger on....

The finish was complete. Not the aged wood of the pours I usually enjoy but deep, sweet fruity flavors accented with spice....

This is a winner!

Thanks to everyone for "forcing" me to revisit EC 12. Where ever I tried it before (it was just a single pour) I didn't appreciate it the way I did last night.