I was thinking it's summer and maybe some real American corn whiskey would go down well, I'll try something different. So I set about devising my usual labyrinthine plan for a blend encouraged as I was by Tim Sousley's support. I thought, how about if I use the corn unmixed with other liquors but add some sugar and a sprinkling of ginger, some lemon too. Maybe bitters. Top with Perrier (I live in mid-town Toronto, recall).

I opened a can of ginger ale and poured some on two fingers of corn sitting in some cubes. Lemon, yes. Will save the bitters for another time.

Just corn whiskey and ginger ale, really, probably what many saloon patrons would have ordered in 1910 in the wet counties, the lazy fan above sending eddies of warmed air about, a whispering wind foretelling the end of saloons and corn likker and the hour of relaxation in America..

Fast-forward almost 100 years. Saloons of the pre-1920 style never came back after 1933. Liquor did, and Heaven Hill was set up in 1935 and makes fine bourbons to this day and fine corn whiskey, the progenitor and unpolished, downhome relation of bourbon. It can be enjoyed to this day and there may be people who like it straight but it goes a treat in some sweet spicy soda, take it from me.