My new issue of Malt Advocate arrived in the mail today. For those of you already familiar with this magazine (not mention the couple or so of you who are often featured writers there), I have a question... is it just ME, or is this particular issue several degrees more fascinating than that last several issues? For those who are NOT familiar with it, you really should immediately begin reading this magazine (as well as subscribing to Chuck's Bourbon Country Reader). Both are quarterly issues, which means they don't come out often enough, but both are ABSOLUTELY worth the subscription fees.

This issue has articles about the formula imitation "bourbons" widely distributed before prohibition, Barrel-proof whiskeys, the role of warehousing, new bourbons still over the horizon, both Whiskeyfest 2000 and the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and their own (highly coveted) 2000 annual awards. There's a review of Russell's Reserve and another of Evan Williams Single Barrel 1991 (barrel #1).