Welcome Wes I wish you well

I am also a member of another spirits site.
Yes, there is another board...but know this , that board is the shadow (or should I say the "wanna be") Straightbourbon.com . On the average, Straightbourbon.com gets over a "million" page hits per month...Several times, it's hit a 1 1/2 million...That's incriedible, and says alot for Jim Butler and what he has created.

Bettye Jo Boone
Line Mechanic
Heaven Hill Distilleres, INC.
Bardstown, Ky.

Bettye Jo,

Each place has different folks and varying opinions, so it is great to be a part of both.

I am overwhelmed with the kind responses and interest received from everywhere.

It really shows how lucky we are to be a part of a wonderful piece of American heritage.

Maybe I will see you sometime when I visit Bardstown next month.