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Thread: Bowling Green

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    Bowling Green

    Can anyone tell me which liquor store has the best supply of bourbons in Bowling Green, Ky.??

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    Re: Bowling Green

    Chuck's (Exit 22 off I-65) and/or Chuck Evans Discount Liquors (Exit 28) -- same ownership, two locations.
    Warren County is 'moist' -- the county is dry, though the City of Bowling Green is wet. It is about the only place between the TN-KY border and Elizabethtown, KY to buy liquor along I-65.

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    Re: Bowling Green

    And he has a great selection! Chuck is a bourbon drinker I found out.....and he has been to the KBF in the past. When you're in the store off Exit 28, check out the display case along the ceiling near the exit. None of it's for sale, but you'll see some "goodies" there!


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    Re: Bowling Green

    I went to Chuck's in July and was very impressed. Several Van Winkle's, Stagg, Elijah Craig 18, just about anything I could wish for. That's where I finally found my Rock Hill Farms.




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