I thought some (Randy, maybe other wine mavens) would be interested in a site I've found, www.jancisrobinson.com). Jancis Robinson is one of the world's top consumer wine writers, based in London, England. I had read her columns for years in the Financial Times and decided to sign up. The site has a good free component but part of it is subscription-only. Without taking away from Jim's magnanimity in making this site free for us (always appreciated, Jim) I feel it is justified in her case. She is perhaps the top wine writer in the world (certainly one of a select group) and there is a wealth of information on the site that she constantly updates or adds to. Also, her acclaimed Oxford Companion to Wine is available full text electronically to subscribers and to me that is a great resource. The forum operates differently than here. It is less active and takes the form of people addressing questions or comments to Ms. Robinson who prints them and gives an answer or comment. Members can comment on other members' comments but the traffic is much less than here; still it seems to suit the nature of this excellent site. All kinds of information are available that I find of interest. E.g., in May she printed an article by a California writer on how rising PH and alcohol levels in California Cabernets and other reds may be resulting in wines that won't mature well and are less good to drink with meals than wine with the PH's characteristic of say 20 years ago. Fascinating. Anyway, not for everyone but I thought a few at least may find this of interest and as I say even the free section offers a good amount of quality information.