I can't say if the OC distribution is becomming limited, but I wouldn't be surprised. It's pretty common here in GA, but as I keep my eyes open for the 13-yr. PR (no luck), I have noticed that the 8-yr. isn't everywhere; many stores will have the 10 and 12, but no 8. That may reflect a supply issue, or just some pricing/inventory experience. The 8 is usullay a few dollars more than most other base, 80 proof pours, including BT's Benchmark (but not JB white, which is about the same price as the OC). Maybe that reflects the 8 years of inventory taxes, etc., but the 7-yr. EW and 6-yr. VOB (even at 90 proof) are under $10, while the the 8-yr. OC is usually $13-14. Would think they'd be closer in price.