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    Lotsa Turkey UPCs

    When it comes to establishing provenance with UPCs, Wild Turkey may be one of the sleepiest of all because it's been a stable company and had continuously excellent product over the recent quarter century. Dawn's handy wallet UPC identifier (there really should be a catchy name for such a neat item "Pocket Bourbonifier"?) lists 2.

    But, they seem to have used quite a few UPC prefixes. Here is a sampling of turkey bottles I have (mmm, that sounds kind of good, and it's only 9:30):

    80433 - 1980s WT 8 year
    82000 - 1995 and 2000 Kentucky Spirit
    975830 - WT 12 year (box only)
    80432 - Recent Russell's Reserve 101 and WT101

    Why would Kentucky Spirit and WT 12 have different UPCs? Would a gift-box only offering commonly have a different code? Do premium products get their own prefix?

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    Re: Lotsa Turkey UPCs

    Perhaps some of what you have are export bottlings? (Just a guess). All but one of my WT bottles have the same prefix; 80432. That includes Rare Breed, Russell's Reserve 101, Tribute, KY Spirit, WT 101 and WT Rye.

    The only exception is the Gold Label 12yo (no UPC on the bottle, but the one on the canister it comes in is 82000).



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