Very impressive! I wish I had your discipline and ambition.

Like you, I am still trying to appreciate George T. Stagg to the extent others do. By the time I water it down to the vicinity of 100 proof, where I can drink it without discomfort, I find that it has less to offer than Rock Hill Farms, which is my favorite Buffalo Trace expression, bar none.

One nit-picking question: Are you sure Early Times does not use the sour mash process? My understanding, thanks to others hereabouts, is that the use of previously used, charred oak barrels is the one thing that keeps ET from meeting the legal standards to be called bourbon. (Furthermore, I do not recall that use of the sour mash process is a requirement in that connection.)

For the reader's convenience, I repeat Rob's link here.

I believe Rob may have mentioned brown spirits other than bourbon on his site, but I ignored them in order to justify placing this post in the General Bourbon forum.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield