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    Re: Favorite cap? [was: Bottling Bernheim Original]

    Mine is the large, bright orange cap on a ND Old Grand Dad 1.75 liter bottle. It's _huge_, super easy to open and looks really cool. It makes you feel small to pour from that bottle...
    I don't have a 1.75, but when I saw the title of this thread I did immediately think of the bright orange cap on my OGD BIB. I like it---it's brash.

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    Re: Favorite cap? [was: Bottling Bernheim Original]

    I wonder if corked bottles with wax are just a passing fad and a reflection of what this generation of bourbon drinkers looks for in a bottle of bourbon.
    For reasons others list above, I really enjoy a cork. I've never experienced anything bad from a cork (okay, not true, I had the top of a cork break off in a bottle of Jefferson Reserve, I had to use a corkscrew to open the darned thing - AND it was my first bottle of JR!) and I just plain enjoy the mechanics of opening a corked bottle (especially the, apparently now gone, pewter cork in Kentucky Spirit). I do place primary value in the contents and would never genegrate a product based on it's cap. Like (I suspect) you I see great practical value to screw caps in centain situations but I still enjoy corks more. Maybe that is a contributing factor to this "fad" maybe not.

    Almost time to 'pop that cork'


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    Re: Favorite cap? [was: Bottling Bernheim Original]

    Going along with many on this forum, I think the plastic cap is more functional but not near as attractive. One approach I've seen more of is to seal the plastic cap UNDER wax. What a surprise I get when I get the wax to open as intended and almost pop a vein in my forehead trying to pop a cork only to find that it unscrews easily. And with the wax to hide it much more aesthetic....



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