I've written a lot and talked about this subject on more occasions than I can remember, but not from the opposite direction I am about to ask you about. Having started as a Scotch drinker, blends as well as single malts (and Irish whiskey), at first I did not take much interest in bourbon. My loss. What irritates me tremendously is when Scotch drinkers shrug when asked about American whisky (that includes all variants). "Don't like it at all", some respond.

That is all OK with me, as long as the person in question knows what he is talking about. If s/he had tried an Eagle Rare, Wild Turkey Rye and Maker's Mark, I will tip my hat and say, "you've found your passion, go with it". But they are not the ones that irritate the f**k out of me, rather, it is the ones who trust prejudices handed on from their peers. They accept it as fact.

Bottom line: I think many Scotch drinkers dismiss American whiskey on mere principle without having enough experience. (Why do I care/get irritated? Dunno, call me an altruistic philanthropist who want to broaden their horizons )

To my question: those hard-boiled bourbon afficiniados here, are you regarding Scotch the same way? As inferior/not as interesting. If so, what do you base your opinions on?

/Robert the curious