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    Re: Ardbeg 10yo

    The cask strength at Binnys is $56.99. Not sure if that is double the price of the regular 10 year old, but that is about as good a price as there is for that.

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    Re: Ardbeg 10yo

    The cask strength at Binnys is $56.99. Not sure if that is double the price of the regular 10 year old, but that is about as good a price as there is for that.
    Very good. I prefer to do business locally when I can just as a matter of principle . That has us beat by $10, probably lose most of that to shipping.



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    Re: Ardbeg 10yo

    For the past several years I have been giving a friend a different bottle of single malt for Christmas. His doctor advised him to drink Scotch due to his diabetic condition if he felt he needed to drink. The first year I gave him Oban 14, last year the Glenmorangie gift set with 4 glencairn glasses, and this year I got him Ardbeg 10. Last night we got together and popped the cork. I had enjoyed the Oban, tolerated the Glenmorangie, but this Ardbeg has got to have been the most horrid experience I've had in spirits since I chugged a cup of Everclear by mistake back in my college days. I had greatly anticipated trying it and went into the experience with an open mind. Well, the nose was interesting but it all went south from there for me. Peat is not my cup of tea I guess because from the initial taste I was totally repulsed. The whisky went down so harsh that I could barely make myself empty the glass (I don't waste expensive pours no matter what). As for the finish, I found myself wishing for several minutes that it would. Then I went to our host and found that he had a bottle of Beam Black and tried to wash the taste out with that. No dice. A Guiness? Ardbeg's aftertaste outstouted the stout. Luckily for me the host had hot wings and after a half dozen or so, drenched in extra hot sauce, the taste finally subsided. Either that or the taste buds got scorched enough to stop sending SOS messages.

    My hat is off to those of you who drink and enjoy these peaty pours. There will never be a shortage of them on my account, that's for sure.

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    Re: Ardbeg 10yo

    If you have any Ardbeg you don't want, send it my way.

    Even though I'm a bit of a peat freak, I can understand how it can be off-putting to some - especially something as peaty as the Ardbeg.

    I've also noticed that different peat sources tend to have a different character to them - Highland Park, from Orkney, is not heavily peated, but the peat is definitely there. However, the Orkney peat has a heathery note to it that you won't find in the extra-smoky Islays.

    FWIW, a bottle from my Ardbeg stash made its way to my brother-in-law as a Christmas present, and it was well appreciated - it's one of his very favorites...

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    Re: Ardbeg 10yo

    I love peated whiskies and I do like the Ardbeg 10 at that. It is definitely not my favorite Islay malt, I prefer Laphroaig and Lagavulin, but I know what you mean. I think it, like Laphroaig, is a love/hate taste. I happen to like it but if you don't you are not going to be happy for some time after as it really sticks to you!



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