Had to drive from DC to Boston and back over the last week and saved some time for bottle hunting...not a lot of bourbon content here, but here's what I found in two different stints of hunting in New Jersey.

-Ropiteau Freres Marc de Bourgogne, no age given, capacity noted as "4/5 quart," tax-stamped
-Suntory Japanese malt whiskey, squat bottle, no age listing, boxed, tax-stamped, bottle in mint condition because it's been in a box forever.
-Jacob's Well "84-month" from the late 90's "micro-bourbon start-and-stop.
-Four Roses Single Barrel, not the current label but from the current incarnation (woo hoo!)
-Emilio Lustau "Senor Lustau" Solera Gran Reserva Brandy de Jerez, first time I've seen this in a long while in the States, great stuff in the sweeter style
-1981 Graham's LBV port, in miniatures! (ha ha ha)
-Tanqueray Malacca gin, 1.75L, first time I've seen it in about six years (clearly an older bottle, and this isn't made any more)
-Ornellaia grappa, hasn't been brought into the USA in a long while, importer listed as Kobrand, which has been bought and sold a couple of times in the last five years, Italian tax-stamp (not normal for current grappa releases)

In Cambridge, MA:
-Sazerac 18yr rye, current release (there was a thread about this stash elsewhere)

And some newish releases:
-1976 Domaine Dupont Calvados for a verrry reasonable price.
-JC Cellars, Petite Sirah grappa; this is one of the new-fangled high-end wine producers in the Central Coast. I've never had a grappa made from Pet, but I've had grappa made from Ruche which is aromatically similar, so there's high hopes here.
-St George Spirits, California Gold, apparently 80-proof, 100% agave distillate from California, aged in wood to a deep anejo color and without added caramel, in a grappa-like, tall, thin 375mL bottle

So, not a lot of bourbon here, but some fodder for the spirits geeks anyway. I look forward in particular to tasting the marc and Suntory (and of course, the legendary FRSB!).