Roger kindly gave me a bottle at Gazebo, this is 86 proof, circa late 70's. No age mentioned on the labels.

It is very good and indeed brings back memories of the Yellowstone I bought at the time. Stamped on the glass is the term "Mellow Mash". This later denoted (I believe) a form of Yellowstone older than the regular one, 7 years I think. On that older version, the term Mellow Mash was printed the label, which is not the case with my bottle. Bobby has the formal Mellow Mash and it is very good with a molasses-like undertone.

My bottle is like a cross of Bobby's and what I recall the 70's Yellowstone (regular issue and I think 80 proof) to be like. That Yellowstone was quite fruity and candy-like. The 86 proof which is the subject of this e-mail is similar but with less of the raspberry/strawberry signature I remember.

But it is very good and has a nice balance of age, fruit, char and ethanol. It occupied a quality mid-to-upper shelf position that is rare on the ground these days (i.e., for a "non-premium"). I find it comes into its own with a touch of water. I tasted Roger's late 1960's version on the Gazebo table and my decade-older one is similar.

It is a privilege to go back to the accoutrements of one's youth (would that I could bring all the others back - well Live At Leeds still sounds the same ) and again I thank the gentlemanly Roger and charming spouse Maya for permitting me the chance.