It may be able to support the higher price initially, but once us bourbon nuts have a bottle or two, will the mass-market continue to support the price?

It's like cars. Introduce a new model and people are willing to pay over sticker for the first couple months, then a year or two down the road, there are all kinds of rebates and incentives.

IMHO, this is about a $30-$35 product. I, like many others, are willing to pay $40 because it is the first of its kind, but I won't continue to buy it at $40 for very long. There are too many other great bourbons under $40, EWSB included.

But, ok, HH, raise EC 12 and/or EWSB $0.50 or $1 and I bet most people will continue to buy them. The volume of those products coupled with a modest price increase might just make up for a lower margin of Bernheim Original.