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    Pennsylvania Archives

    Does anybody know anything about archival holdings in Pennsylvania? I would like to know if there are any collections rich in distilling history that might shed some light on early distilling history. I am particularly looking for letters that mention charred barrels. I have found one from the early 1820's at The Filson Club Historical Society that is very interesting. The writer is a merchant in Lexington, Ky. that tells his Bourbon County distiller that he has heard that if the barrels are charred on the inside, then the flavor of the whiskey will be greatly improved. I would like to find similar letters in Pennsylvania. I suspect that the Pittsburgh area would be the best place to look for distillery papers, but I may be wrong. Anybody have any suggestions?
    Mike Veach

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    Re: Pennsylvania Archives

    Dear Mike:

    I'm interested in tracking down Sam Thompson rye whiskey as a brand, and as I remember, the distillery was labelled as being in Large, PA. I spend a fair amount of time in and around Monongahela, PA in my work, and I drive by the historical marker for the Whiskey Rebellion site all the time. As I recall, there's a little historical society building in Monongahela, and when I get a chance, I'll nose around in there and let you know what I find. Also there might be information obtainable through the Washington County historical society. I don't have a lot of time, but I'll try to get contacts for you.

    Ralph Wilps

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    Re: Pennsylvania Archives

    Thanks. I appreciate the legwork and if you come to the bourbon festival look me up and the drink is on me.



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