I'm back in Louisville, been here for a week, got 2 1/2 months to go (December 16), already have 8 bottles stocked up to go back to California with me. At home I have -
1.75L Buffalo Trace
Four Roses Single barrel
Elmer T. Lee (opened...)
Elijah Craig 12 (opened...)
Wild Turkey rare breed
Wild Turkey 101
Old Forrester B-day
Maker's (yeah yeah, hand dipped, had to have it)
In the hotel room I have, ready to go back -
Elijah Craig 18yo Single Barrel
Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve (signed by Jimmy Russell)
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select
Eagle Rare 10
Knob Creek (signed by Fred Noe)
Old Rip Van Winkle 10yo 107
Blanton Silver Edition
Old RVW 10yo 90 (open and in progess, mmmmmmm)
Ancient Ancient Age (almost gone, also mmmmmmm)
Old Heaven Hill BIB 100 open (what exactly is Bottled in Bond, anyway? Pretty good, light on flavor though)
And I have already killed off a Very Old Barton 86 (glad THAT one is gone, yikes!)
I went down to Liquor Barn and reserved 2 bottles of Stagg, and when the time comes, I want to also pick up an Eagle Rare 17 if I can, as soon as they get in. Also on my list to take home is -
Another B/T 1.75 (so I have one to share)
Another A-A Age
A 1.75 Eagle Rare 10
Maybe another Elijah Craig 12? Evan Williams S/B? Bookers? Bakers? Rock Hill? Jack Green Label?
Looking for suggestions here, feel free to chime in. So far the Buffalo Trace is #1 on my favorites list, followed closely by AAA (as a price point to share), Elijah, Elmer and another Knob Creek. What am I missing here?