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    Re: Where IS everyone tonight.... Am I alone?

    I have become a big fan of the 1849 as well. Interestingly enough though, after returning home with 2 bottles I picked up at the Festival, I noticed some changes in the bottle labels when compared to a bottle that I have had for a few months. Whereas the old bottle has "8 Years" inside the red shield on the neck label, the new bottles have only the red shield with nothing in them. Also, on the front, main label, to the left of the big "1849", the old label says "Aged In Wood Eight Years". The new bottles have a sticker placed over that. The sticker says "Charcoal Filtered". There is no age statement at all on the new bottles. I have not done a side by side tasting yet, but I fear there may have been a change in the bourbon. Anyone know what's up here?


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    Re: Where IS everyone tonight.... Am I alone?

    We heard several distilleries comment that they are removing age statements from their whiskeys as there is a shortage of aged bourbon. For example, Evan Williams being bottled during the Fest did not have a 7yo designation as it normally does (HH hopes this is temporary). It wouldn't surprise me that OF 1849 is also missing an age statement. Barton also is low on aged whiskey.




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