Another thread finally made me decide to post this because I thought there were only a few dummies that have been had by this.

Does anyone think it was 1st wrong for Buffalo Trace to let LB put regular Blanton's in the Silver Edition boxes and 2nd wrong for LB to blatantly mislead its buyers into thinking their buying the Silver Edition?

I was one of those that bought it thinking I had bought silver edition, then I got home and it wasnít. Should it be up to the buyer to open up the box and look to see if what they are buying is what the packaging says it is? I have heard of several other people being fooled by this. I personally think its false advertisement and a bunch of BS.

Ken W. how exactly do you all explain my two points as being a good business practice? Would it be right for me to go buy a 12 pack of Coke and when I get home and open the box there is all cans of Sprite in it? And the reasoning behind it was Kroger thought the Coke boxes looked better/Coke was out of Sprite boxes; and then Coke for some reason thought it would be okay to let Kroger do it. Itís the exact same thing, and obviously it was not a mistake, because I have heard you basically say that they asked and you all obliged. Iím a big BT fan, but this one has always bugged me.

I'm I the only one thats miffed by this? To me, Buffalo Trace should make LB pull all the Silver Edition boxes of the shelf. It wasn't that big of a hassel for me to take it back, but what if I had bought that bottle and lived in Pikeville? It wouldn't be too easy to take it back. Maybe I'm being picky, but this is a horrible way to do business.