In January, I had a heart attack. I'm 47,and at the time I had borderline blood pressure and LDL (bad chlorestrol) of 102 (optimum is below 100).I was on the way to my fathers funeral, so it was pretty much stress related (I am also a business owner, 'nuff said)I now drink more consistantly than ever before, which is 2 pours a night. In cardiotherapy, they stressed drinking was fine, at 1 glass a night, although red wine has the most benefits. While I was on the blood thinner Cumadin, I was told not to alter my drinking habits, as blood thinners are monitored and adjusted weekly, and it would impact the tests. And the time, I limit bourbon to after 5pm, sipping them slowly over the course of a few hours; of course wine or beer is sometimes served on weekend lunches. BTW, I almost always have two different pours. It's more fun that way.