Just to let everyone know I am working on a book. Chuck has already figured this out from the nature of some of my inquiries on this site. I plan to write a history of the American Distilling Industry and my working title now is American Distilling History 301. I plan to write this book as if I were teaching an advanced survey course in distilling history and I do plan to use footnotes. It will be a survey because I realise that each chapter that I have planned out could be a book in its own right. I will welcome any comments that you might wish to make on the book and I hope the reaction will not be "History, how boring! Where is the tasting notes?". I do not plan to do tasting notes or comment on the qualities of any particular brands but I do want to try to set some myths and legends to rest because I feel the truth is always more interesting than marketing schemes, Old or New.
For the record so that people do know that I do enjoy a good bourbon my favorite is Weller Antique. I consider it the best drink for the buck. The best bourbon I have ever drank is a 15 year old Very Extra Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond bottled in 1981. I also have a very high respect for Maker's Mark, Wild Turkey and George Dickel. I do not think that bourbon should be bottled at less than 86 proof (90 is better) and that Pappy Van Winkle was right when he said you are stupid to pay for water when you can add your own to lower the proof.
I have just started the planning stage of the book and I have set a goal of having it written within 5 years. I have not talked to any publishers as of yet and really don't plan to until I get it written the way I want it done before they get a hold of it tell me such things like footnotes are boring and people don't want to see them. I feel that the footnotes and documenting my information is a must for the book. There are very few books of bourbon history with them now and that is how the myths continue.
I just wanted everyone to know what I am doing and I do hope to read your comments.
Mike Veach