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    Bulleit 1.75 Liter

    I went into one of my favorite liquor stores the other day to re-stock my Bulleit supply. Bulleit has made my permanent lineup. I was surprised to see the Bulleit in 1.75 liter bottles. I picked one up for $39.99.

    I think it was Gr8erdane who once said that his goal was to ultimately settle on a great whiskey that comes in 1.75 liter bottles. In my opinion there are now three great whiskies that come in the big bottle: Buffalo Trace, Bulleit, and Wild Turkey 101.

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    Re: Bulleit 1.75 Liter

    Thanks for the quote greenbob, but to be honest I don't remember saying that. Old age setting in? Nah. That was probably earlier in my adventure through the world of bourbon. Now I couldn't dream of limiting myself to one bourbon when there is such a cornucopia of bourbons each with their own charms and hidden wonders. But then again if Van Blankle came in 1.75s.....

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    In Virginia (until it all sells), AAA 10yo comes in (plastic) 1.75Ls....

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    Re: AAA

    You can always go for the ERSB 1.75's



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