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    Grommes & Ullrich

    I have a bottle of Grommes & Ullrich bourbon on the Bottle it says
    > PRE-WAR 1936. It was distributed by Marquette Distributors Chicago,
    > Illinois.The bottle also says it was distilled in Kentucky. It does
    > not have a distillery name on it though. Any information you can give
    > me on who distilled it and the brand would be most helpful. Thank you

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    Re: Grommes & Ullrich

    This name came up once before and no one had an answer then either. Since the distributor is named but not the distiller it sounds like a distributor bottling, i.e., a brand created by a distiller exclusively for that distributor.

    - chuck

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    Re: Grommes & Ullrich

    This is an old one and probably meaningless at this point . I only bumped it for one thing. Shouldn't the PreWar1936 label be a clue , come on wouldn't it be the same as a coin dated 550 B.C?

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    Re: Grommes & Ullrich

    Bobby, I hear what you're saying, but it is probably marketing-speak. The bottle/label was made post-war, but they were saying, in effect, "This is the good stuff that was made before the war, before rationing made products be bad from necessity."


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    Re: Grommes & Ullrich

    I'm almost sure that I replied to this post earlier today, but I don't see it now. We may have a bug to report to Jim when he returns.

    Did anyone else see my reply?

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield



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