Whilst in Kentucky, I really hoped to net some bonded Heaven Hills not marked with DSP KY 1 (Bernheim) or 31 (HH Bardstown), but came up with nothing. It seems we should be beginning the era of what I will call the interim years (for want of a better term), but the closest I got was a HH Old Style 6 year bib with a bottle stamped at 03. It was labelled as distilled and bottled at DSP KY 31.

I believe that some distilling was done at Early Times (354) and perhaps other facilities. What other DSP's have people seen or expect to see on interim year bottles?

Also, I thought I read once that sympathetic government agents allowed HH to continue using DSP 31 labels during the interim, but I can't find that reference now, and if they were like my uncle in the ATF, it's highly unlikely.


PS Should this topic be in Collectibles or General Bourbon?

Edit: Answered