This is a hypothetical question for now, but could turn into a taste test/article in a magazine depending on how it goes.

If I had to pick 10 bourbons of ANY value, but of decent availability to be tested and rated, what would be a good 10 bourbons to write an artcile with?

A few clarifications:

1) Limited quantity bourbons like Pappy 23 can be included.
2) Something hirsch 16 can be included, but Hirsch 20 cannot since it's too difficult to find and get a sample from it.
3) Price is of NO object. Distillers's Masterpiece, if deemed worthy, could be added. I don't know much about it except that it's expensive.
4) We want upper echelon bourbons if such a category exists, but with some dynamic od range.

Thanks in advance to anyone that could help me with this,