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    Re: \"Medallion\" Jack?

    The "juice" inside is 90 proof. Standard is 80 and I have had both...they are quite different...and it's not just the proof

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    Re: \"Medallion\" Jack?

    OPEN IT!!! Seriously, $40.00 is about right. It's good stuff, higher proof than regular Jack and not as much of the charcoal flavor though.
    This discussion got me curious so I bought and opened a bottle yesterday. My vote, keep it in the bottle. Sorry. Admittedly I'm not a big JD fan so I was silly to expect this might be very different. It isn't. Yes, it's 90 proof but it's still, very clearly JD. I'm sure if you enjoy JD you'll love the 1954 bottling but I actually regret buying it. It was $35, that's almost a bottle of Kentucky Spirit. Oh well, the bottle looks good in the bar. I suspect it will stay there a long time.




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