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    Re: Van Winkle vs. Elmer T. Lee

    ETL is certainly a top shelf product......but the bourbon is a little too sweet to my tastes. When Mr. Lee stopped in Houston last year on a promotional tour, I asked him about his selction process. He flat out said he preferred his bourbon sweet and picked out the sweetest barrels he could find to establish ETL's profile. When I said I found it a little too sweet for me, he responded something like..."That's why we make BT, AAA, RHF, etc etc so there's something for everyones taste." BTW, I don't like candy or eat many sweets in general.....just my funny taste buds.


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    Re: Van Winkle vs. Elmer T. Lee

    I agree with you Randy. ETL is very smooth (sweet too) but like some here say of 4 Roses, it is maybe a little too mellow. I like the full, deep flavor with some cut to it like Kentucky Spirit. I certainly see what people like about it.


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    Re: Van Winkle vs. Elmer T. Lee

    Well I took the challenge and did the direct comparison last night. My wife poured me some of each in identical Reidel glasses. Then my 8 year old daughter carried them over and set them in front of me. I tasted each and concluded the one on my left was Elmer T. Lee. My daughter said I was wrong, my wife said I was right. Apparently in the transfer process they lost track of which was which.

    Conclusion: they are both extremely good.

    I'd remand a recount!

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    Re: Van Winkle vs. Elmer T. Lee

    Interesting thread, particularly since we have both horses in this race. Anyone who knows wheated bourbons is familiar with Julian's outstanding whiskies. IMHO, Elmer T. Lee is one of the greatest unknown bourbons outside the Straightbourbon circles. Here in Kentucky it can be purchased for around $25, which is awesome for a 10 - 14 year old single barrel.

    I have to admit that Elmer has developed somewhat of a sweet-tooth as he has, uh, ah, .... matured! The big difference between Eagle Rare 10 year old Single Barrel and ETL is the level of sweetness.

    It is interesting to note that wheated bourbons have a tendency to be a bit sweeter than rye recipe bourbons, yet the ETL seems to have bucked the trend.


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    Re: Van Winkle vs. Elmer T. Lee

    Nope. Its Old Rip Van Winkle for me. I love both Pappy Van Winkle Family reserve and Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year 107.

    I need something with a little heat, yet sweet and complex.
    ETL is sweet and complex, but no heat.



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