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    Re: Distilling Wall of Fame

    When I said that I would be opening a can of worms with this subject I should have realised that it was more like a hornet's nest. I have talked with Flaget and she has received quite alot of negative feedback from this site and my posting. We have talked and have decided that as much as we would like to honor distillers for their achievements, it is not politically possible to do so. We can not afford to do more than six or so the first year and do it right and since it can not be done right, we won't do it at all.

    I will say that I would like to see all of the people mentioned (with the personal exception of Hamilton) on a wall of fame. It would be nice if we had a budget of a couple hundred thousand dollars to place them all on a wall of fame at the same time, but that just is not going to happen. The positive thing about all of this is that it does show how well read this site is. There were people who were "gun toten' mad" at Flaget that read this site but have never posted anything I have ever seen. All I have to say to them is don't get mad at Flaget about this, focus your anger at me. The wall of fame was my idea and making this posting was also my idea. We wanted feedback and we got it. Your voice has prevailed. So just calm down and don't hurt Flaget.
    Mike Veach

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    Re: Distilling Wall of Fame

    Oh MY!! Mike, I can't believe this has happened. I sure hope nothing I've posted has fed this idiotic reaction. Please extend my best to Flaget.

    Hey folks... get a grip, huh? If this forum isn't good for free discussion then it isn't good for anything. And if your idea of "honor" is to sit back like a whimpering coward without participating and then whine at (or threaten) poor Ms. Flaget at the museum, then you're not welcome to lurk behind my computer screen. Go away, scum! Shame on you!



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    Re: Distilling Wall of Fame

    No one should ever do anything to hurt Flaget. A sweeter woman has never drawn breath.

    By all means, pick on Mike!

    --Chuck Cowdery

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    Re: Distilling Wall of Fame

    Calm down. There is no reason for you to hold anything against the forum. As I said we will not do the wall of fame so nobody has any reason to get "gun toten' mad" (her words, not mine) at Flaget. The matter is a dead issue.
    Mike Veach

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    Distilling Fame

    This is my only post on this subject and since the idea of honoring six persons of distilling fame is dead it is likely to remain my only post.

    What is clear to me is that there are many people who've had a major and historic role in the development of bourbon. That would make it hard and politically difficult to pick any six.

    Other things are also clear to me. Some people certainly care deeply about bourbon and its history. They care about their family's role in it. And they cared enough to show emotion. Thank God people care. That shows this subject goes beyond corporate business of making money and into the hearts of people who are proud to have had their ancestors contribute. That's not a bad thing. Trust me, I've been involved in the early stages of one industry and no one today even cares to honor the early contribution of those who started. It is great that we can readily identify dozens of people who deserve to be honored for this, one of America's true native products.

    It is also clear to me that this forum is not just read by the few people who post. I've always wondered if the 223 registered (the number does keep going up) have mostly dropped out, as I've learned to recognize the dozen or so of us who regularly contribute. This should not be a forum for just a few but should be for the thoughts and interests of many. I'm somewhat glad to know others are involved, even if not posting.

    I am also sorry, but not surprised, that some people got emotional enough to show some anger. Hey, there are more than six people who deserve to be recognized and I sure would not want to try to pick six.

    So let's try to put that emotion to good use. Let's continue to support the Oscar Getz Museum (I guess my shot glass purchases probably aren't a major contribution) which already honors so many who've made contributions. Let's continue to let authors know when their writing is inaccurate. Maybe some of you have some family memorabilia that the Oscar Getz Museum would love to make public in their collection.

    I love bourbon. I've had great enjoyment from this forum. I love the people who care enough to inform people like me. One year ago I could not have named more than six brands of bourbon and could not have helped a single bartender to know better what he or she is serving. You've all taught me a lot. So I love the fact that people care about this product and its heritage.

    I now wish peace in this year 2001 among the great family of bourbon creators and lovers. I'm not mad at Mike for trying. Usually out of this comes some good new idea. Edison failed more than he succeeded. Maybe some of you can think of more ways to help the Getz Museum honor those who've created this industry.

    Again, I wish each of you a Happy New Year. Thanks for caring!




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