In a sleepy industry, it is rare to see a new Canadian whisky (or new in Ontario): today I saw three. One is Danfield's Private Reserve Small Batch Whisky from Lethbridge, Alberta, one is Centennial 10 year old Rye Whisky, the other a new version of Wiser's: Special Reserve, at 43% abv (rare in Canada). The ad copy on each are the usual commercialisms (the word smooth omnipresent, the assurance of blending skill, etc.) but I am hopeful these or some of them will taste good, in due course I'll try them and report comments. I believe the Centennial has been available in the U.S. in some iteration anyway, but I think the others are not known there as yet. At Summerhill liquor store where I saw these today there is a whisky promotion going on and somehow they got a disused 5000 litre spirit still from Glenfiddich in the place, however due to space issues it is smack dab in front of the fine wine section!